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Our Mission and Philosophy
About Trucker District

Who Are We? –The First Tech Company Built By Drivers for Drivers and the Industry.

Let’s Change the Game Together
Trucker District are the first online eco-system for drivers and the entire trucking industry and was founded as a result of our experience over and on the road and our in depth understanding of the industries bigger problems. Professional truck drivers are 24 hour a day, 7 days a week hardworking superheroes, and we need to do our part to start to make their lives easier, enjoyable and more efficient on the road. We are changing the game and standing with our community arm in arm and are the first company to look at solving the problems of the industry by supporting, working with and backing all professional drivers- because when they are happy the industry is happy. We are proud to be the first tech company to be built and run by drivers for drivers and the industry.

Our Solution
Trucker District is an evolved, efficient online driver centric eco-system and the first of its kind connecting the entire trucking industry and ALWAYS FREE to drivers. We are building the nation’s largest community of professional truck drivers, the one place they can go to find everyone they need and everything. Trucker District provides drivers with a robust social network, driver giveaways with a badge reward system, career opportunities, community updated videos and entertainment and a trip planning companion to find truck friendly stops with driver updated real-time parking, open and closed weigh scales, and so much more.

If you’re a company or service provider in the trucking industry that care about drivers and giving them bigger and better deals, discounts, offers and more, we have several channels for you to connect with and reach drivers.